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Get the answers you need on the abortion pill and self-managed abortions, abortion clinic procedures, pregnancy, and your options in Gillette, Wyoming. We provide free pregnancy confirmation, consultations, answers, resources, and more.

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Abortion Pill FAQs

Is it safe to order abortion pills online?

The FDA does not recommend ordering abortion pills online due to a lack of safety measures. ​

Is everyone eligible for abortion pills?

No. There are many restrictions, including health history, the type of pregnancy, how far along you are, and more. Learn more about side effects, potential allergic reactions, what to expect if it fails, and more. An ultrasound can confirm the location of the pregnancy, estimate your due date, rule out an ectopic pregnancy, and verify if the pregnancy is viable, which can determine eligibility. 

How often do abortion pills not work? Do you have to take both pills?

Contact us to talk about your options if the abortion fails or if you only took the first pill.

What if I'm more than 10 weeks pregnant?

The FDA has only approved the abortion pill through the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.  If your pregnancy is further than 70 days along, we can talk through your options and the aid available to you. 

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Considering abortion? Before you move forward, book a proof of pregnancy appointment. An ultrasound is an important health and safety step that can confirm if the pregnancy is viable and discover exactly how far along you are. This information can determine your options as well as the price or cost of an abortion if you decide not to continue your pregnancy.


If you are having a naturally occurring miscarriage, the results may make an abortion unnecessary. While we do not provide or refer for abortion services, we can provide a free ultrasound confirmation and give answers on abortion, what to expect, side effects, pregnancy options, free pregnancy resources, and access to aid near you.

Your First Steps


Start with pregnancy testing 

We provide free lab-quality pregnancy testing.

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Confirm with an ultrasound

Discover how far along you are and determine if the pregnancy is viable.

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Book a free consultation

Talk through your medical history, abortion information, and more

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Women's Resource Center is a free women's health center in Gillette, WY We believe women and men have a right to get information from a resource that will not profit from the choices and pregnancy decisions they make. As a 501c3 non-profit in Wyoming we do not provide, refer for or profit from abortion services and all our services are provided at no cost to you.


The information on this site is for education purposes only and should not be substituted for medical or legal advice.  Contact us to learn more.

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